Before mentioning the advantages of learning how to row, we want to let you
know why you have to do it with us.

1)Rowing classes are given by rowers with a lot of experience in the activity,
with more than 15 years of going out to the river and learning about its
conditions and characteristics. (Would you put your safety in hands of
inexpert people?)
2)We are pioneers in rowing teaching. We have 4 own boats equipped with all
the necessary safety measures. You will be able to learn with specially
measures and safe boats.
3)We develop the activity throughout the year because we consider that each
season has its charms. If you think that rowing is your sport, then you won’t
stop rowing!!
4)We tend to achieve a climate of fellowship with our group. It is so that
once the course has finished, many of our pupils       arrange to go out all
5)You will be able to keep on rowing once the course has finished. During it,
we will let you know about the options we offer to row.
6)We are in El Tigre, a safe and nice place. We practice in calm rivers, which
are often transited by boats and canoes.
7)WE are not bureaucratic at the moment of starting. We make the PUPIL feel
very comfortable from the first day.
8)A rowing ride is practised in boats which are very stable
and safe. This allows them to be used by people with different physical
characteristics, weight and age. You can do this activity as a sport or just
as a hobbie, enjoying the beautiful view that El Delta del Tigre has to

By rowing, you are using all the muscular groups, the arms, the abdominal,
dorsal and mainly the legs. That’s why boats have a mobile car which lets you
take full advantage of it. Rowing will improve your aerobic condition, will
increase your pulmonary and cardiac capacity. Summing up, by taking up this
activity you will feel 10 years younger.
Rowing is recommended for traumatological and cardiac rehabilitation, as well
as an ideal complement for someone who’s on a diet trying to lose weight. 

We suggest you to take a look at these photos, which were taken during some

For 2 years now, we’ve been giving personalized classes oriented to adults.
These are 100% practical and we leave from Tigre (Buenos Aires). The complete
rowing course includes 4 classes of 1 hour and 20 minutes of length. They
take place on saturdays, sundays and days of the week left to schedule. The
timetables are arranged according to availability.
We advise you to contact us as soon as you decide, so as to save a place for
you. The prices are very accesible and you will be able to practise one of
the most complete sports, which combines apart from the muscular work,
recreation, since the landscape in which it is practised is very picturesque.
Once you have finished the course, you can continue the activity with us by
paying a fee or renting our boats.
Rowing can be practised throughout the year, and with any weather, even with
rain, because as the rower is hot, he/she doesn’t feel the cold at all.

The requirements are minimum, the most important thing is your enthusiasm
about practising a very complete sport that will help you to disconnect from
your routine and it will recharge tour batteries to face a new week.

Why practise Rowing?

It is a team sport and of common effort. Inside of a crew, nobody can stand
out more than the rest and, what’s more important is that no one can feel
left out.
It offers the following benefits:
It it practised outdoors in direct contact with nature.
It is very healthy, involves almost all the muscles in the human body.
It improves respiratory deficiencies and back problems.
It leads to a healthy life, away from drugs, alcohol and even smoking, which
are very worrying subjects for a society.

If you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry. You will use a life jacket dor
your safety, though it is very difficult that a person falls down to the
We hope that you contact us via e-mail to
informes@escueladeremo.com.ar , or
telephone to 154-971-9342 and willingly we will clear your doubts. We reply
e-mails very fast.

Next, we put some useful information for those who want to start rowing